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No more bills for natural gas or heating Oil

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New unique Central Heating System uses only water for Fuel

Just imagine, a central Heating System for your house that uses tap water for fuel. Impossible you might think. We assure you as from  today its reality! After years of testing and research we managed to develop a Central Heating Systems that generates a flammable gas out of plain tap water to heat your hot water boiler. This system has huge advantages:

1. No more bills for natural gas or heating Oil
2. No harmful emission gases leaving your chimney (CO & CO2 free)
3. No dangerous gas pipes in your house anymore
4. No risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!
5. No longer worrying about fuel or gas bills, always have a warm and comfortable home.

No more bills for Natural Gas or Heating Oil
Today's gas bills are for most people shocking. Huge prices for fuel and on top of that energy taxes and V.A.T  make energy prohibitive for most people. This ends now!  Our HHO Central Heating System uses only water as fuel. Our new system contains a unique patented burner that generates HHO gas and steam to heat the boiler instead of fossil fuels. By combining multiple physical methods water (H2O) is converted into gas (HHO).  The HHO gas flame can be adjusted and reach temperatures up to 8000°C, therefore suitable to heat the largest villa.

No more harmful emission gases
Current heating systems using fossil fuel expel harmful emissions. Particulary CO & CO2 are considered being harmful emissions. CO is a toxic fume and CO2 is a greenhouse gas that we all want to reduce.  Our unique HHO Central Heating System does not expel any emissions at all, only water vapour, your house does not even need its chimney anymore. You can mount our system anywhere in your house, even next to your bed. Our system has no exhaust and does not withdraw oxygen out of the air for ignition.

HHO gas is also known as Brown's gas or Oxyhydrogen.  HHO gas is a mixture of dihydrogen (molecular hydrogen) with precise amount of oxygen for complete combustion (stoichiometric mixture) . HHO gas (2H2+O2) is discovered by the Bulgarian scientist Yull Brown. This is why HHO is often called Brown's gas.  When combusted, the HHO gas releases energy and converts back to water (as vapor); which sustains the reaction 286kJ of energy (LHV) for every mole of H2 burned. While the gas is mixed in optimum ratio a adiabatic flame temperature of 2800°C will be reached and no oxygen from air is needed. When compared with natural gas (900°C), HHO gas not only has a much higher flame temperature but also a much cleaner and complete combustion. When burning HHO gas, no harmful emissions like CO & Co2 will be expelled but only water vapor. HHO is the only zero-emissions fuel.

No dangerous gas pipes in your Home anymore
We hear regularly that homes explode due to leaking gas pipes. Using our HHO Central Heating System you have no need for natural gas any more. You can inform your energy supplier to shut down the supply, unless you use natural gas for cooking. With our HHO Heating System and solar panels on your house you can be for 100% independent from your energy supplier.

No more danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning
Carbon monoxide (CO) is also known as the invisible assassin. A pour or bad burning system or leak in the exhaust can lead to high values of carbon monoxide in your house. Thousands of people die every year due to high carbon monoxide levels in their home. Using our HHO Central Heating System the risk of Carbon monoxide is history.

No longer worrying about fuel or gas Bills , always have a warm and comfortable home.
Most people recognize it, turning down the thermostat a few degrees just to save on heating costs. With our HHO Central Heating System there is no need any longer to live in a chilly house. Our system uses less then 25% on energy costs compared to a 21KW natural gas system.
Our HHO Central Heating System only uses 100ml of water per hour and 1,4KW electricity per hour when burning AT FULL CAPACITY! This means a saving of 75% on energy costs (based on Dutch energy prices). Installing a few solar panels can give savings up to 100%.

In summary, our HHO Central Heating System is the technology of the future. At the moment we have a good working and functional prototype. We are looking for cooperation with an International Company to take our system in production. It is our goal to have an approved and certified system ready in 2015.

No more heating bills. Save thousands of euro's every year.

Burning Water !!

Burning Water !!